About my work :

Bryan A. LeBeuf is a new media artist working with 3D imaging, sound and game design. His work examines community through collective memory, using overlapping experiences as a tool to rebuild and reimagine his neighborhoods in Detroit, MI. The landscapes and design draw inspiration from defined environments of early role-playing games and dating simulators, weaving together imagery of post-industrialized neighborhoods. Bryan constructs these environments from fragmented memories. These memories are stitched together from the collective unconscious of his immediate community, and materialized through games. Human subjectivity and the excavation and reconstruction of communal memory are major themes in his work.

Game culture has been a great influence not only in his life but in the ethos of his work. For Bryan, artwork can operate like a game instead of ending with the gallery wall. Games allow people to share experiences as they unfold in a real-time. Though gameplay can easily be a solitary activity, for Bryan it has always been a social one. He brings that ethos into what he makes, into designing experiences meant to be shared, and to dialogue within his community.

Bryan A. LeBeuf holds an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.He is currently a resident at Chicago Artist Collaition’s Hatch Program.